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It is believed that there are the twelve 30 degree sector astrological signs which create Earth’s 360 degree orbit around the Sun. These signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each sign is named after a constellation that is the sun is annually moved through crossing the sky.

Rupendra Verma

Jyotish Visharad from ICAS

(Indian Council of Astrological Science)

Created my own brand name AstroAuras with an aim to reach to the younger generation and make the learning of Astrology very easy that a person with any background could understand, believe and experience it. AstroAuras helps people by guiding them to enhance upcoming opportunities and reduce the unknown threat of future events by making prediction through their Birth Chart.

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Tuliekka Singh (Vastu Expert)


We follow our Vedic culture and encourage the younger generations to do the same. We combine knowledge and practicality as essential tools for delivering the best. We find the problems of vastu correct it by giving remedies and make a proper balance of the five elements at the place.

Aditi Mohak (Tarot Reader)


Tarot consultations are like a map being laid out for you to make your life path easy. It will help you get answers that are within you and help you navigate your life smoothly and efficiently.
6+ Years of Experience as Tarot Reader and 3+ Years of Experience as Reiki.

Rashmi Nehete (Face Reader)


Sometimes We search for ourselves We want to know more about ourselves. How I can change for betterment. How I can rediscover myself that’s when I can help you. I would help to know more of you and help you to resolve the unresolved.
19+ Years of Experience as Face Reader.


मुझे यह बताते हुए अत्यंत खुशी हो रही है कि आपके prediction के अनुसार मेरा assistant teacher science के पद पर शासकीय प्राथमिक विद्यालय देवसरा जिला बेमेतरा में नियुक्ति हुई हैं l जैसा कि आपने बताया था संगीता तुम एकदम परेशान हो जाओगी, हताश हो जाओगी तब जाकर अचानक से तुम्हे समाचार मिलेगा की तुम्हारा चयन हो गया है और बिलकुल ऐसा ही हुआ,,मैं बहुत टूट चुकी थी अंदर से, आपने मुझे 2020 से लगातार निःस्वार्थ support किया है जिसका मैं शब्दों से धन्यवाद नही कर सकती भैय्या l omegle omegle omegle chatroulette omegle.com omegle.com omegel omegle omegal omgel omgel omegleapp omegleapp omegleapp omegle omegle omegle omegleapp luckycrush Chatroulette ometv ometv omegle bizim mekan geveze sohbet minitv чатрулетка omegle кумит ometv luckycrush chatrandom omeglw ometv camsoda ome tv mili live livetolive Omegle omegle takipçi satın al ometv ometv
Sangeeta Verma
On behalf of all, I would like to thank and convey my heartiest congratulations to Rupendra Bhai for all his Astrological advice and suggestions. He is an expert and has a big ocean of highly skilled Astrological skills and prediction skills.We should all be thankful to God we were gifted with a very kind person like Rupendra Bhai to us. Once again thank you very much Rupendra Bhai for all your continous help and support so far.
Vasu Tummala
Hi Rupendra, I would like to say thank you for your most accurate prediction, I was looking for a job change for the last 1 year, u had advised me that I would get the opportunity to be a very good firm, and I will have a joining after 2 December.I got an offer of one of the BIG 4 firms and the location...
Swapnil Sagare
This is for the second time I have approached him with my problems and both of the times it proved to be accurate to the core. I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and wish you earn a well-deserved name and fame. I don’t want to miss your predictions regarding...
Harish Chandrawanshi
Dear Rupen, First of all, a very big thank you for giving the best right prediction. My son and I had tested positive. I had to be admitted to the hospital and my son was quarantined at home. You, my dear friend, had told me all would be well soon and it has happened we are on the way to recovery...
Anjali Walia
It's immense pleasure share my happiness with that after long waiting I got an opportunity work as a PM (Project manager) role in one of the top most company, and I will be join from tomorrow, I would like to say... Well first of all I am speechless about your perfect prediction.... Hats off to you and your prediction my Guru.
Pravin Kuntewar
Thank you very much for your valuable advice and caring guidance regarding my career decision. We have been standing at the crossroads for the past year and your timely and prompt insights have helped me tremendously in taking the next steps. Notwithstanding the confusion about my time of birth, you ...
Tushar Bhagat
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