7 Tips To Travel Stress Free elgrand camper During Your Fall Trip To Mexico

Protesters in Mexico may block traffic on roads, including major thoroughfares, or take control of toll booths on highways. Travelers who encounter protesters who demand unofficial tolls are generally allowed to pass upon payment. U.S. citizens traveling to and residing in Mexico should not expect public health and safety standards like those in the United States.

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  • Also, most providers do not accept US domestic health insurance or Medicare/Medicaid plans.
  • In popular tourist areas in Mexico, servers in restaurants may speak some English and may have English menus available.
  • I used them for years, then switched to a different budget insurer trying to save a few bucks.
  • This is the best time to visit if you’re looking to take advantage of Mexico’s tropical environment.
  • On a personal note, we regularly eat all the delicious street food we can devour within Mexico.

Refer to the Ministry of Health’sCOVID-19MXapp that provides Spanish-language information about COVID-19 and local health care resources. Commercial flights and public transportation are operating. Please see additional information on any state-specific regulations or restrictions in each state’s page.

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Some parts of Mexico are considered less safe than others, and you should check the most up-to-date elgrand camper information before planning your trip. This might not be one of the most obvious Mexico travel tips but it’s important because you will get to try something delicious and support local vendors. The Mexican capital has emerged as one of the hottest destinations in Latin America with an incredible food scene, world-class museums and historic landmarks.

Quick & Helpful Tips To Know Before Traveling To Mexico

There is a small current where the cenote water flows into the ocean, so keep a close eye on your baby or toddler. We also recommend bringing your own life jacket to the cenote for your baby or toddler, since it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get one small enough. To cool off after your visit to the Mayan ruins, plan a fun stop at a nearby cenote! Cenotes are natural sinkholes caused when the limestone bedrock collapses, which then fill with groundwater. Often you’ll find the ground water to be surprisingly cold, especially when it is not exposed to the sun.

If nothing else, learn at least a bit of Spanish because it’s polite, and Mexican people appreciate it. Even basics like hola and gracias can make locals smile in less touristy places. A visa gives you legal permission to enter another country; a ticket is evidence that you’ve paid the airfare to travel there. Some areas of Mexico near the United States border and in large cities have been the subject of travel advisories in recent years. Adjust your trip or postpone accordingly if your country warns against travel. Please note that some areas of Mexico have increased risk of crime and kidnapping.

Mexico Travel Tips: Culture

As of 2020, Mexico has a new $1,000-peso note (approximately US$50). This $1,000-peso note is the largest bill you’ll encounter. If you happen to get one, you’ll likely have an extremely difficult time breaking it into smaller change.

For those from the US with an unlocked phone, taking a longer trip, and wanting ease upon arrival to Mexico – you can get a SIM card in the US that covers Mexico. ATMs located at banks tend to give a fair exchange rate that’s very close to the actual rate that day. The following Mexico travel tips will help to maximize your pesos and reveal other financial practicalities throughout the county. Visit gob.mx/salud for complete information about Mexico’s current recommendations, guidelines, and more. You can also view the official stats and map Mexico publishes to gauge the current level for your travel destination.